Portable stoves are convenient and are often used for outdoor gatherings, such as cookouts, tailgates, and even on camping trips. These offer a very convenient way to cook meals when there is no immediate or direct access to a standing stove.

These appliances tend to be relatively affordable, with some brands costing less than $20. Some of them, however, have reportedly been responsible for causing severe burns and even explosions. What is the correlation? Could it be the low price point—are you paying for an inferior product or even a defective one, with shoddy design and poor production quality?


In examining the various types of portable stove explosions, several brands of both portable and countertop models have been linked to causing fires and the subsequent explosions. The reason for this is due to the usage of butane canisters that can release gas and ignite when it comes into contact with a fire source. This can result in the creation of a fireball and explosion.

If you are considering taking legal action, keep these important safety tips in mind:

  • Only light the stove using the unit’s igniter
  • Observe the hose and other connections
  • Keep the unit away from other flammable materials
  • Do not leave the canister attached when you are not using the system
  • Using units inside that are specified for outdoor use only can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels
  • Keep all flammable materials away from the units
  • Always cook on flat, level surfaces
  • Make sure that the burner holes are not blocked before turning on the stove
  • Never leave the burner unattended while you are using it
  • Cool the stove before removing the canisters

When used correctly, a well-maintained portable burner poses few problems. They are so widely used in a variety of ways. The largest source of issues with these stoves may be due to a product defect. You can discuss your case with our Birmingham product liability attorney to determine whether or not you have a viable legal option to assist you.

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