After an accident, do you know what the next steps to take are? Most people understand the importance of hiring an attorney who can assist with the claims process, filing lawsuits, and negotiate for a winning result on their behalf. More likely than not, however, after an accident, you are on your own and have yet to seek out an attorney’s assistance.

You can help the outcome of your case, however, by avoiding many of the common pitfalls that occur after someone gets into an accident. Glenda Cochran Associates Attorneys at Law can offer some suggestions that may be useful should you happen to get into an accident.


Keep your insurance company informed.

Insurance companies state in their policy that you must notify them immediately if you are in an accident. Focus first on treating your injuries and protecting your legal rights as well. Insurance companies are often at odds with your needs. Once you have a clear head, you can then focus on notifying the insurance company and the negotiation process.

Do not admit to anything.

After an accident, most of us have the initial reaction of saying “I’m sorry.” As you are relaying the details of the incident, state only the facts and be objective as possible about the situation. It will be up to the insurance companies to review the evidence and work out who was at fault for the accident.

Don’t ignore your injuries.

Do not try to cover up your injuries or pretend that you are not in pain. Remember that some injuries and the symptoms do not surface until much later on. Everything from internal organ damage, internal bleeding, to concussions and other head injuries. Do not sign any medical release forms. Get medical treatment right away and then consult with a Birmingham injury attorney for advice about your legal rights. Also, you are not obligated to provide your insurance company with a recorded “official statement,” as they can take that information and skew it for their own agenda.

The bottom line? After an accident, every element and every person involved can be an adversary. Your personal injury lawyer, however, is the one who will listen to your side of the story and is your advocate at this time. If you have been injured in an accident or because of another’s mistake, you should seek legal representation as soon as possible to protect yourself.

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